Barb Cox

My Journey
Thanks for choosing me as April’s Fitcamper of the month, I was so excited when you told me!!
Until I thought, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. Ever. It is a journey all right...and I’m so glad to be here in your community of amazing people and type this.
I have been a “big” girl all my life. Besides being obese, I was also unhealthy. And sick. I was always ok with eating crap, and whatever and as much as I wanted. In 2004 I got bigger than I ever had been.
I was pregnant with my amazing girl, Emma. Topping the scale at 285 lbs...I could see 300 on the horizon. I vowed I would do something about it after she was born and tried to eat a more healthy diet. In Jan 2005 the best thing in my whole world made me a Mom. I tried to lose weight, probably getting down to the 250 mark where I comfortably sat. We celebrated everything with food...and drink. And I hovered around the 250 mark for quite awhile. In 2006 I started to have unbelievable pain in every joint in my body
It was already cumbersome to care for this new being, at 37 years old. I got depressed, and I ate. Alot. I was in so much pain I couldn’t get off the couch or out of bed some days, so how could I exercise?? Excruciating pain. I would later be (mis)diagnosed with Lupus. Terrified in pain, and with a newborn AND starting my own Freight Forwarding Company,....holy!! Chocolate helped. So did the rest of the fridge with it’s central location, after all--I couldn’t go far. Weight gain was inevitable....helloooo 300lbs. Then in 2007 I was starting to see the specialists for my diagnosis, and they advised that I did not have Lupus, but Psoriatic Arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a type of inflammatory arthritis and an autoimmune disease. In PsA, the joints are the target of the immune attack. This causes swelling, pain and warmth (inflammation) in the joints. The path driven by years of ever-changing medication made my days bearable, but they also made me feel ill. I didn’t eat much, which was also unhealthy, but I started to move more as well, and lost weight.
At 230 lbs last April 2013 I started to walk more, and bicycle and eat better. Baby steps. I lost another 20 lbs. My friend Jess suggested I try the natural superfood Turmeric. It helped so much! My Daughter wanted me to be able to “do more” with her, things her Dad could do and I wouldn't fathom, anything that involved getting up and pretty much anything. In December of 2013, at 210 lbs and my joint issues being somewhat under control, I joined Chanceformations, and with the help of Chance and my jumping-jack-clapping and singing friends at both Acadia and Dalhousie I am now on track at 184 lbs, and down to a size 12/14. I roller-skate, swim and skip and run with my daughter, and I have never been this small in my whole adult life. We are both loving eating new things and learning how to prepare the foods we are already eating, in different ways.
I even got to experience “falling off the fitwagon” on a trip with a friend and I still lost 6 lbs and 2 inches this month...mostly due to the whoopin’ that Chance doles out in his friendly and encouraging way, but also by the nutrition challenge and the awesome recipes I’m trying and why have I not eaten butternut squash before!!!! I feel amazing. I’m told I look amazing, which is even better, but mostly....I feel educated about my body and it’s ability to push through and persevere, with a little help. I am registered for a 5k - you have no idea what goes through my mind when I type that. Wow. Pineapple Challenge here we come! Thanks Chance, I am so thankful I found you and Fitcamp ...and so is my Daughter. Rockclimbing and swimming this weekend, can’t wait...


What an encouraging story, Barb. Congratulations on your accomplishments.