Julie Bates

Hi, my name is Julie Bates- 31 yrs old, and a new addition to Fitcamp as I joined in November ‘13. Here's my story!!

My husband and I have relocated here from New Zealand, and only knowing a couple people in the city - I was looking for a way to meet to people, and get fit again.

In New Zealand I was a kayaking/outdoors guide, and managed to get myself back into great shape after years of traveling/working overseas in Africa & the Middle East. When we left NZ in May 2013 to make the big move back home to Canada , I stopped cold turkey being active outside. We arrived in Canada in June and were visiting family here, friends there, a glass of wine here, more beer and nacho’s there! It’s scary how fast all that muscle mass you worked so hard to build up, disappears in a wink. I was feeling out of shape and not motivated.

I stumbled across Chanceformations as a Groupon, and saw that one of the classes was a 10minute walk from where we rented- Quest Fitcamp. Two initial ‘ticks’ - great price, great location!

After 6 months of no working out, I was REALLY looking for a fun class with a good workout! Boy did I get it right. After my first class at Quest, with endless squats and lunges later- I could barely walk the next day( or two days later...!). Luckily that didn’t stop me going back on the following Wednesday- and now it’s 2-3 times a week between Quest & the Viperdome. It’s an addiction! Third ‘tick’ - great people & great instructors.

All the Fitcamps ( as I’ve managed to try all the locations!!) have been awesome. I haven’t weighed myself on the scales (yet) but I’m already noticing definition coming back and my clothes are fitting better. My goal was to feel comfortable in T shirts, and not to have to buy a bigger sizes come summer- which I’ve almost achieved.

In August we’re moving into our first home, and it’s on the other side of the city. I’ve already started thinking about how I can fit in going to the Fitcamp classes!
Enjoy our Quest pic after a great workout by Paula on May 5!


So proud of you Julie for getting back into the routine. Glad to have you as a fitcamper and a friend.

Thanks for being so friendly and helping me out my first day! Hope to see you again at the Rosemont location :)