Lynn Vermeulen

Hi, my name is Lynn and I’ve been with Chanceformations on and off for about 2.5 years.
Six years ago I decided to pack up my life in South Africa and move to Calgary. I was very fit and active in South Africa; I did a lot of swimming (loved training in the ocean), went to the gym five times a week, and my absolute favorite was running and bootcamp on the beach. Bob's Bootcamp was a fun and healthy outdoor alternative way to exercise.
Once in Calgary, it took me a while to find my rhythm again, I started hiking and was instantly hooked (I’m now a complete hiking addict). I also started snowboarding, cross country skiing, trail running and joined the gym, but I was still unhappy, I missed the ocean and Bob’s Bootcamp.
Then one day I got an email from Groupon advertising Chanceformations. It sounded great, but I was still skeptical, an indoor soccer dome doesn’t quite compare to the beach, but I bought it anyway and was blown away. The willingness to set and achieve goals, and on top of that have a trainer who is just as determined (if not more) to reach your goals, is what I was looking for. There is never a dull moment at Chanceformations and as soon as you start feeling comfortable, Chance cranks it up a notch, always encouraging you to reach a little further and push a little harder. Chanceformations has not only improved my strength and stamina, I have also gained a lot of dietary knowledge that helps me live a healthier lifestyle.
Thank you