Caron Blanch

My name is Caron Blanch and I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Growing up I was involved in different sports – netball and softball as well as dance (jazz and tap). Exercise was always an important aspect of my life but I only really focused on the cardio aspect.
In 2002 I moved to Canada and studied at the U of A for 2 semesters as an exchange student. During the 10 months abroad I managed to gain about 18 pounds (I blame the cold weather and University lifestyle!). However I also met my now husband during this time and the extra pounds didn’t bother him at all. After returning to Australia I was able to shed the extra weight again through better eating and exercise.

In 2006 I got married and moved to Texas with my husband. I started working full time and joined a gym (gym memberships are ridiculously cheap in Texas). I attended some group classes and then decided to train for a 5km run. I’ve never been a runner but by following a couch to 5km running program I successfully completed a 5km Pet and Owner Fun run with my dog. I even managed to place 3rd in my age group and won a prize. During my time in Texas I also completed 2 mud runs (10km each) as well as a few other 5kms race and my love for running and working out at the gym increased and became part of my lifestyle.

In December 2011 my family relocated to Calgary and when I priced out a gym membership I was shocked at how much it would cost and just relied on my own motivation (as well as some Jillian Michaels DVD’s) for getting exercise in. This appeared to work as that following summer I ran two ½ marathons which was a huge accomplishment for me but I was burnt out from all the training. Over the next 12 months I got pregnant and had my 2nd child and it wasn’t until I started trying to get back into shape again that I decided I wanted to do something more than run. I came across a groupon for Chanceformations. It was affordable and looked like fun.

I started attending Fitcamp in January of 2014 and after a few sessions I was hooked. I love the variety of each class, the diversity of the different trainers and the option for an early morning workout (5:15am!). I love being pushed beyond what I think I can do and then enjoy seeing the results. I’ve learned so many new exercises that work muscles in my body I didn’t even know I had. Chance motivates you through every single exercise, reminding you of how strong you are and encouraging you not to give up. He is also always available by email or text to answer any fitness, food or exercise question I may have and to help keep me on track.

This past spring I signed up for a 90 day challenge through Fitcamp and during this time I set myself a goal of running five 5km’s races this summer hoping to beat my time with each one. So far I have run three 5km’s races and a 10km race and I have my last 5km race coming up in November. I am amazed at the times I have been able to run and I credit a lot of that to the workouts we do at Fitcamp. I am definitely the most fit I have ever been.