Catherine Spackman

Hi - my name is Catherine. I am 46 and have been married to my wonderful

husband Rob for over 21 years. We have two handsome and fantastic sons that

continually make us proud. I can also honestly say I have the world’s greatest and

cutest dog. I have been coming to the Dalhousie Fitcamp for more than one and

half years. I was encouraged to come by two dear friends and it really has made a

tremendous and positive impact in my life. Regular, weight-bearing exercise is even

more important for me now since I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis earlier this


After coming to Fitcamp (mostly) three times a week for over the last year and a

half, here are some of the things I have learned:

 I never really have liked exercise too much nor had a regular exercise

program. Fitcamp is really hard work but you if you make a commitment to

yourself, show up and work hard – you will see results! I have NEVER, EVER

been able to do a full push up in my life and now I can do ten in a row! Ok –

that’s on a good day…

 Chance and Julie are really caring people that are genuinely interested in

improving your health and fitness. They push you hard – but in a good way.

They both help with form / technique and make sure you exercise in a safe

way. Also - Julie never fails to have an interesting story to tell that helps the

hour fly by.

 There are truly great and inspiring women that come to Fitcamp and I have

made some wonderful and lasting friendships. The support and laughs make

it a great place to come and workout.

 YOU will learn some choice new curse words if you stand by me during class

 It feels good to get off my behind and exercise on a regular basis. I like the

routine of the scheduled classes and the TV will still be there when I get


 Wine on Friday night does not make for a good Fitcamp on Saturday

morning. Burpees with a hangover are not fun.

 I am stronger than I think (thanks Chance). Confidence in my abilities and

my overall strength has definitely improved since I have started this

program. Not only can I lift my bike to the rafters in the garage by myself, I

know will be able to stay on top of my Osteoporosis diagnosis and get even


Thanks Chance and Julie!